Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Stroke 11: Auchinawa sketches

As anyone who goes to a convention knows, there's always someone who's forever doodling and being antisocial.

I am one of those people XD

Though this year at Auchinawa I wasn't nearly as bad as usual, since we actualy followed our plans, but I still managed to doodle.

These are some of them. There are loads more but I want to do more work on them at a later date.

One day I may doodle anime related stuff at an anime convention.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Stroke 10: Disney Villains collab: Peg-Leg Pete

Hallowe'en has been and gone, if you wish to see the doodles I did for it you merely have to look at my DeviantART page :P

This is my Entry for a collab piece of Disney villains that is being organised by Tavington on DA; See here for more details: The Big Disney Villains Art Collab!

I got Pete, so I figured I'd go for the Peg-Leg version since that's the one I remember the most.

It's hard to draw Pete. Especially when I tend to avoid larger characters, and as such hadn't drawn Pete before :P I'm clever like that XD

I'll be uploading this to DA in a few days, but for now, you get sneakypeak :P

You can see that I tend to stick with Sonic fanart for a reason XD