Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stroke 20: Sonic 20 work :) (Updated 22/6/2011)

A bunch of stuff for Sonic's 20th Birthday.

Many people will have realised by now, Sonic the Hedgehog means a lot to me. So I had to celebrate somehow :)

First up is the 20th Animation I did, to Endless Possibility.

And now a picture I'm working on to try get done by the 23rd :P

The original version was going to be diagonally orientated, but degraded into a doodle.
Middle of digital 'inking'

And with the background colours applied.

Just got the colouring to go on it now, and the shading. Not sure how to do it but I'll figure it out as I go XD

Anyway, enjoy :P

Update! The final version of Colours of Chaos!
(click it to view the larger image on DA!)

Saturday, 4 June 2011