Sunday, 17 October 2010

Stroke 9: Hedgehogs, Dragons, and Draconixia

Let's see what Feniiku's doodled today, shall we?

My my, looks like a little picture of the back of her head :P

Draconixia part of the journal title comes from a joking attempt at making Feniiku's species have a latin-esque name, after watching too much looney tunes XD See here for details lol.

Feniiku Lumaris is my main avatar character, someone who acts as a much more niteresting face online than my own XD I'm also working on creating a comic about her, but it's proving a lot more difficult than I'd expected it to be. After all, fan comics are one thing, original things need to be understandable by everyone who isn't part of your own head.

I'll be uploading this to DA shortly, at which I'll change the picture link.

Next up we have.... Spyro the Dragon, Cynder, and Sparx.

As you can probably tell from Spyro's design, I prefer his old design to his newer one. However, this doesn't mean I can't use the characters from the newer ones too. I like Cynder. Lol, she's kinda like Blaze the Cat XD

I'll be colouring this one on a livestream session at some point, I'll let everyone know on DA when I do.

And next we get to the hedgehog portion of the tour. These are two of my fancharacters, which are alternate universe versions of my friend's fancharacter (she had her's first, I just write parallel to her XD)

Phoenix and Amphis Gemini, in different outfits than normal just because :P Drew the first one a while ago but don't remember showing it here, and drew the second one last night/this morning. Nikki appears to have grown a haircut to match Thalia's one. Curse these things and their giant hair! They really do love to grow it. Mullethogs, away!

I like the second one. It's cute :3

Enjoy! Later peeps :P

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Stroke 8: Out for a Run? complete.

Completed the human Sonic picture I was working on in the previous couple of posts. Nothing else to post right now, as I have to go offline and do some more work on my comics, but enjoy this for the time being :)

In all honesty I prefer the greyscale version, but there are bound to be others who like this one more XD

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Stroke 7: Out for a Run? flat colours

Threw some flats onto this just now, gonna add some shading later on, not right now, can't be bothered right now XD

It needs shading since, unlike in greyscale, it looks really flat with the colours at the moment. You can see the shading from the pencil but I still need to supplement it a little XD

Monday, 4 October 2010

Stroke 6: Out for a Run? and a Sonic Thunderstrike part 5 Preview.

Rightyo, let's see what we've got for you today.

Fanart, once again, but this time it's slightly different :P

"What you see is what you get; just a guy who loves adventure!" - Sonic; Sonic Adventure 2

Yeeeeup, that's a human Sonic, what we've got there ^_^ I was doodling it most of the day and it simply would Not. Go. Right. Gonna be colouring it later on, but for now I quite like the greyscale, so it's been uploaded to DA. Will be throwing up WIPs of the colours as I work on them in here :)

In addition, who likes Sonic Thunderstrike?Well if you followed a link from Out for a Run on DA, then that's probably why you're here XD

Have some sneaky previews of some panels from Part 5! New characters appear, bad guys get told off, and I learn to draw my drafts in blue so I don't have to fight with erasers XD

You have to click the jump in a moment to see them! Ready? Go!