Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Stroke 11: Auchinawa sketches

As anyone who goes to a convention knows, there's always someone who's forever doodling and being antisocial.

I am one of those people XD

Though this year at Auchinawa I wasn't nearly as bad as usual, since we actualy followed our plans, but I still managed to doodle.

These are some of them. There are loads more but I want to do more work on them at a later date.

One day I may doodle anime related stuff at an anime convention.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Stroke 10: Disney Villains collab: Peg-Leg Pete

Hallowe'en has been and gone, if you wish to see the doodles I did for it you merely have to look at my DeviantART page :P

This is my Entry for a collab piece of Disney villains that is being organised by Tavington on DA; See here for more details: The Big Disney Villains Art Collab!

I got Pete, so I figured I'd go for the Peg-Leg version since that's the one I remember the most.

It's hard to draw Pete. Especially when I tend to avoid larger characters, and as such hadn't drawn Pete before :P I'm clever like that XD

I'll be uploading this to DA in a few days, but for now, you get sneakypeak :P

You can see that I tend to stick with Sonic fanart for a reason XD

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Stroke 9: Hedgehogs, Dragons, and Draconixia

Let's see what Feniiku's doodled today, shall we?

My my, looks like a little picture of the back of her head :P

Draconixia part of the journal title comes from a joking attempt at making Feniiku's species have a latin-esque name, after watching too much looney tunes XD See here for details lol.

Feniiku Lumaris is my main avatar character, someone who acts as a much more niteresting face online than my own XD I'm also working on creating a comic about her, but it's proving a lot more difficult than I'd expected it to be. After all, fan comics are one thing, original things need to be understandable by everyone who isn't part of your own head.

I'll be uploading this to DA shortly, at which I'll change the picture link.

Next up we have.... Spyro the Dragon, Cynder, and Sparx.

As you can probably tell from Spyro's design, I prefer his old design to his newer one. However, this doesn't mean I can't use the characters from the newer ones too. I like Cynder. Lol, she's kinda like Blaze the Cat XD

I'll be colouring this one on a livestream session at some point, I'll let everyone know on DA when I do.

And next we get to the hedgehog portion of the tour. These are two of my fancharacters, which are alternate universe versions of my friend's fancharacter (she had her's first, I just write parallel to her XD)

Phoenix and Amphis Gemini, in different outfits than normal just because :P Drew the first one a while ago but don't remember showing it here, and drew the second one last night/this morning. Nikki appears to have grown a haircut to match Thalia's one. Curse these things and their giant hair! They really do love to grow it. Mullethogs, away!

I like the second one. It's cute :3

Enjoy! Later peeps :P

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Stroke 8: Out for a Run? complete.

Completed the human Sonic picture I was working on in the previous couple of posts. Nothing else to post right now, as I have to go offline and do some more work on my comics, but enjoy this for the time being :)

In all honesty I prefer the greyscale version, but there are bound to be others who like this one more XD

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Stroke 7: Out for a Run? flat colours

Threw some flats onto this just now, gonna add some shading later on, not right now, can't be bothered right now XD

It needs shading since, unlike in greyscale, it looks really flat with the colours at the moment. You can see the shading from the pencil but I still need to supplement it a little XD

Monday, 4 October 2010

Stroke 6: Out for a Run? and a Sonic Thunderstrike part 5 Preview.

Rightyo, let's see what we've got for you today.

Fanart, once again, but this time it's slightly different :P

"What you see is what you get; just a guy who loves adventure!" - Sonic; Sonic Adventure 2

Yeeeeup, that's a human Sonic, what we've got there ^_^ I was doodling it most of the day and it simply would Not. Go. Right. Gonna be colouring it later on, but for now I quite like the greyscale, so it's been uploaded to DA. Will be throwing up WIPs of the colours as I work on them in here :)

In addition, who likes Sonic Thunderstrike?Well if you followed a link from Out for a Run on DA, then that's probably why you're here XD

Have some sneaky previews of some panels from Part 5! New characters appear, bad guys get told off, and I learn to draw my drafts in blue so I don't have to fight with erasers XD

You have to click the jump in a moment to see them! Ready? Go!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Stroke 5: retro colours progressing

Not much to update with, just showing what I've done with that doodle from the other day so far.

There's quite a lot still to do, and the colours all need a lot of tweaking, but I'm working on it XD

Argh why did I decide to colour it in the end :|

Edit: And here's the completed version. go view it on DA :)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Stroke 4: spikes, wings, and jester hats

Just a few sketches I did at work today. They need to be finished but have a little look :P


NiGHTS and Spyro

 Sonic and Tails retro colours

These  are all WIP, so the finished versions'll come later, I just wanted to show them off a bit. Sorry about the watermarks. They're only temporary placement until the pictures are finished, when I'll move them to less intrusive places ^_^

Friday, 17 September 2010

Stroke 3: Magic Mechanics

"We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner, holographic demons and invocations of equations. These are the tools we employ, and we know many things."

I was actually trying to think of something completely unrelated to this picture when I drew it yesterday.  But Technomage Ebony butted in and loitered instead. I was complring worlds of magic to worlds of science, and of course, this ended up with technomages, such as the ones in Babylon 5. Though this picture doesn't look like them, I gave up and drew it anyway. This is a mix up, of sorts, between my version of Ebony from STC, technomages, and Egyptian type clothing :P

Oh, and a lot of glow.

Progress image below. It's been shrunk, but you get the idea.

1. I pencilled then inked the image traditionally, then scanned it in. I gave it a blue screen.
2. I decided to keep the black lineart too, and put them together.
3. simple gradient background.
4. Flat colours
5. Shading
6. The glowy bits on Ebony and the stick
7. Added a whole load of glow using photoshop filters, a border and some sparkly shapes to add some more to the image than just having the simple background.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Stroke 2: Blue Star chapter 12 preview

~And this is probably not the last you'll see of this banner~

 Well now, I mentioned that I would be providing writing in addition to artwork and such, and since I haven't scanned anything new to show artwise, I'll give you all a small preview of the start of part 12 of my fanfiction, Blue Star. This part isn't quite finished yet, but I'm working on it :P

More to be read after the jump!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Stroke 1: Testing testing 1-2-3

"Is this thing on?"

Hai there. If you're looking at this blog, it means you've either found me through links on my DA gallery or forums, or you've stumbled over it on a random internet trawl XD

This is Brushtail, so named because of my namesake original character; Feniiku Lumaris; has a brush-like tuft on the end of her tail. The idea of this blog is to show some of my artwork and comics and sometimes my writing that never makes it to places like DeviantART or fanfiction.net, or anywhere else. I'll be showing both WIP and finals, random doodles, and watever else comes to mind here, so feel free to bookmark if you wanna look ^_^

There's not really a set update schedule, bug I expect it to be pretty regular, as I have a lot of blather you guys don't see :P

For an example, here, have a progression image of the Sonic one you see above :)

1- Black background
2- basic guide lines
3- black lines
4- flat colours
5- shading
After step 5, I removed the background to make the image transparent ^_^

Anyway, I hope you come back for more art and writing and stuff later! And who knows, you might catch some sneak previews from the various comics I have on DA ;)